Reverse Diabetes — How Bob Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Using His Food as Medicine

Reverse Diabetes — How Bob Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Using His Food as Medicine

I’m Bob Blackburn and I was a type 2 diabetic. I got diagnosed November 28 of 2016. I knew I had a problem. I was 296 pounds, I was a cheeseburger away from a heart attack, and I wasn’t feeling that good. It was my lifestyle choices that had brought me there.

I went in there and they took all my tests, and I didn’t know what any of this stuff meant. I didn’t know what an A1C was, but it was and they were very concerned. I went home that day upset, nervous, concerned because I had seen was diabetes did to an Uncle of mine. I saw what it did to people that I knew. I saw a waiting room full of people in the VA hospital that had it and people were missing toes, people were missing limbs, people were on dialysis, and these aren’t things I was too interested to sign up for. I went home. I watched Dr. Barnard’s video basically like three times, and then immediately bought the reversing diabetes book that he had out. I didn’t even go to the bookstore. I had it dropped right on my iPad. I read it that night, and the next day I was eating plant-based as a primary form of nutrition. When I started, the first thing out of the box is they gave me a bottle of Metformin and told me to take those.

I took them for about three days and I felt so sick, I went back to the doctor and said I’d rather take the shots. So they gave me the Lantus, I took 20 units of Lantus every day. And my goal was in 90 days to come off of it. I learned quickly that it wasn’t about the carbohydrates or counting carbohydrates or any of that stuff. I just started eating kind of random and then I started eating usually 1 – 2 cups of beans a day. I ate a lot of greens. I ate a lot of greens because I basically was following Dr. Fuhrman’s game plan on what I call a modified Fuhrman. And then movement. I had been trying to go to the gym to make some lifestyle changes, so I went to the gym and basically was getting about 20 – 30 minutes of cardio a day with rowing and biking.

My knees are bad. I don’t run. And then I started lifting again, but for the most part I wasn’t as focused on the exercise. I was almost consumed with what I was going to eat. When I first got introduced to this way of eating and what not, and then I searched out and found this Mastering Diabetes and it was the timelyest thing that had ever happened to me.

Because I learned all about different types of exercise and I learned about different kinds of eating and about Engine 2 and I learned all these different things that kind of went into this filter. When I went for my first 90 days, my A1C went from to and they took me off the insulin. That to me was just an awesome moment. My weight started at 296. My 90 day weight was 244. And that’s when I started to notice because my pants were falling down and I needed some clothes. I’ve lost 90 pounds in 8 months time. My cholesterol was an interesting story because I didn’t think I had high cholesterol. Evidently I did. 207 was my starting total cholesterol when I took my November test. My 90 day number came down considerably and my total cholesterol is now 125. My belief is that education is the key to all of this. What Mastering Diabetes did was between Cyrus and Robby being able to interview all the top people in the field and providing different ways of looking at this problem, the bottom line is that you have to find what works for you. You have to take personal responsibility for what works for you.

It’s your health. At the end of the day, diabetes isn’t going anywhere.It’s for real. It doesn’t take any prisoners either. And if you’re anything like me and you don’t want to lose limbs and different things, take the time, go through the summit, watch, listen, absorb, and then raise your hand and ask for help. There are people that can help you  to reverse diabetes. Type 2 can go away.  Click here for a life saving solution.